Heard of Google Remarketing Yet?

I was just made aware of Google’s new ‘remarketing’ advertising this morning. Not quite sure what to think yet. This seems to be great news for those businesses or individuals advertising online, but not so sure from a consumer stand point.

Here’s a quick explanation of how it works from both points of view. From a consumer’s point of view, say you visit a web page about a particular product. You do nothing more than browse that web page and then move on to another web page outside of that site. If the next site you go to is running Google Ads on their site, there is the potential that you will see an ad for the product you were just viewing. From the advertiser’s side, if you have a Google AdWords account, you will set up a ‘remarketing campaign’ within your AdWords account, add some code to the page where you are selling your product, then when the visitor leaves your site, Google can now show that visitor ads related to the product that visitor saw on your site when they visit other sites showing ads from the Google Content Network.

Want to read more about Google remarketing? Check out Google’s post here.

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