Benefits of Using Confirmation Pages Effectively

Are you leaving something on the table after someone purchases your product, signs up for your newsletter or uses your contact form? I think we all have done one of those things online before and after doing so are usually taken to a simple page saying something confirming what we just did. If you have a website and use confirmation pages, have you ever thought of putting something on there to either upsale something or to gather additional information? This would be a great place to put an affiliate offer or related products. I use this technique now a lot when creating landing pages where visitors enter in their information. On one particular confirmation page, I show other related websites the visitor can then visit (that I market for as well) and when looking at the analytics for those sites, I have found that that confirmation page is one of the top referrers to these sites!

I would love to hear what you think of this technique, if you have tried it, what kind of results you have seen, etc. Feel free to comment below.

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