Best Web Hosting for WordPress

If you know even a little about me or take a quick look at the sites I have developed, you will quickly notice that I build most my websites on the WordPress platform. Many use WordPress just for blogging, but I have found it to be a simple, yet powerful content management system with near endless possibilities.

Because I build so many sites using WordPress, I have had to learn what kind of server is required to run it and how to set them up quickly. So if you are looking to build a WordPress site and are wondering where the best place to host it is… you actually have a lot of options. Basically, you want to host in on a Linux server with a host that uses cPanel as their back end control panel.

Although you have many choices when is comes to choosing the best company to host your WordPress site, let me tell you what has worked extremely well for me. I use a company called HostGator to hosts my sites. Their ‘Baby’ package has met my needs so far and I actually host most of my domains under that one account. I do not actually use HostGator to purchase or manage my domains, I use GoDaddy to do that. I then make sure I sign up for the Linux plan (not the Windows plan) and I am good to go. Out of the couple of hosting providers I have worked with in the past, HostGator has been the fastest when it comes to processing requests. I can point my domain name system (DNS) settings to HostGator and almost immediately login to my control panel and configure the domain and start publishing content.

The reason I like using cPanel as the control panel for the back end is because it allows me to use a service called Fantastico where I can install WordPress, database and all, with just a couple of clicks. It is not too difficult to install WordPress manually either, but this saves me a lot of time.

Still have questions or would like to talk more about this? You can contact me here or leave a comment below.